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[Global] Like / Share get the Grand Open code !!!!!!! ???

?Step 1: Like / share public posts
?Step 2: Tag 3 friends with a message “L2PrideVN Grand Opening !!!”
?Step 3: Ad will check and the inbox will send you the code.
???Value of Code L2PrideVN???
– Agathion Seal Bracelet – Grand Openning 5 days
* 5% P.Atk / P.Def / M.Atk / M.Def / Attack Speed ​​/ Spell Cast Speed
?How to use Code???
– When entering the game, you only need to enter the chat box (Enter Chat)
– Enter: .giftcode <code> (Note: Enter correctly but upper and lower case)
Gracia Final Custom PvP – Global version
# l2pridevn # l2pride #custompvp
? Website:
? Discord:



Botting – No botting or any third party programs. Do not use your brother / cousin to farm.
Using macro for farm – It’s not allowed to create a farm macro and keep the button pressed With An object while you are not in front of the computer. Any character found moving without a person controlling it will be punished.
Dual clients / boxing – You may not controlling two characters or more to help farm, heal, buff or to assist in PvP. The only exception to this would be That of using a secondary character to use as a seller in Gludin or for trading items Between accounts (only in town). Controlling two or more characters by only one person is Considered dual box. It does not matter if Physically They are two different computers or different IPs.
Impersonate Staff – Please do it so we can ban you.
PvP Farm – You are not allow to farm PvPs.
Spam – Pretty much self-explanatory.
Flaming – Do it tastefully, do not be dumb and flame staff members. You will regret it.
Advertise – Advertising other server is forbidden, advertising You have items from other server wanting to trade for L2PrideVN items is forbidden.
Bot False Reports – Only use it When you are sure.
Account Responsibly – You are responsible for your account, we do not reimburse items no matter what happened to your account. You are risking your account, if you are sharing it with friends / family members, playing at unsecured PCs, or playing at a internet cafe. Any petitions asking for help will be ignored.
Chat – Hero / Shout is English only. Do not Asked to be Recalled / party or ask a GM to speak to you, That is what the petition system is for. Do not ask to unban / unchat ban / unjail to player. Do not ask for events.
Hero chat other then English will be punished by 750 minutes chatban for the first offense, then 1,000 minutes for second offense and then your will lose your hero and we will wipe yours points / matches / count for the whole period at the third offense. If you are caught again after the third time, your hero / points / matches / count will be removed each time Automatically or Break This rule again.
Bugs – If a bug is found, you must report it immediately.
Do not annoy GMs – Constantly GMs Please do not bother asking for help, we aren’t here to hold your hands as you journey through L2, you should know basic game mechanics.
Olympiad – You’re only allow one character per player. Meaning, you join On That character you are only allow to compete That character, you May not compete on an alt character or a friend’s character.
Our GMs are intelligent enough to know When you are botting, dual boxing, server Violating rules. We are not required to show evidences of wrongdoing to the public generally. If mistakes were made we will correct it. We aren’t afraid to admit we made a mistake.


Changelog 04/07/2020

1 / Allow receive Certification and learn subclass skills.
2 / Update the droplist for all raidboss from level 85 to 87.
3 / Update more droplist raidboss from level 91-95.
4 / Modify all SubClass skills. From now on, you can get Certification and learn skills from Subclass.
5/ Fix bug Cubic. (When the cubic disappears, it still causes damage to the opponent).
6/ Apply Anti-Protection to the entire Main Event from the Event Engine. In all events, players will not be able to see each other’s real nick and race.
7 / Developing more Event system for AFK status. After receiving the 3rd warning about afk during the event, you will be kicked out of the game or killed in the event.
8 / Apply Guard system. When using third-party software, you’ll be kicked.
9/ When you login 2 game windows. Only 1 character can move outside the village. If you try to move both characters, one of them will automatically teleport back to the village.
10/ Add TOP Ranking system. The system will update every week and there will be special rewards for the TOP. Ingame details – Ablt + B.
11/ Add the Achievement system. When you qualify, you will receive 1 random reward. Ingame details – Ablt + B.​