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Chat System

Global Chat: You need 100 PvP to chat on the Trade channel (+) and 15k PvP to chat shout channel (!).

100 – Trade Chat; 1500 seconds reuse (+)
600 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1250 seconds
1001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1070 seconds
2001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 935 seconds
3001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 830 seconds
6001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 750 seconds
7001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 680 seconds
8001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 625 seconds
9001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 575 seconds
10001 – Decrease Trade chat reuse to 535 seconds
15000 – Free chat Shout channel ( ! ).


The Olympiad period on L2Trinity is 2 only 2 weeks long. Olympiad ends on the second Saturday of the period, every time. This means on the second Sunday there will be no Olympiad matches held, and Olympiad will resume with the next period on Monday. Heroes will be chosen shortly after the last match ends on the second Saturday. Due to the massive customizations in our server, we restrict equipment to normal S Grade armor. Due to the nature of some of the reworked skills we also restrict some skills, that would otherwise imbalance Olympiad. Players who compete in the Grand Olympiad games will not be able to use; accessories, belts, talismens, capes or any type of augmented item. Also no matter what enchant items are they will be auto enchanted to +6. Elements and Skill enchants are set to 0 during the Olympiad Match. Because of the diversity of players on L2Trinity we have staggered our Olympiad times to best suit all nationalities, the times are as follows:

North American | European Times

Monday 12:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 10:00 AM (+3 GMT)

Tuesday 3:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 1:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Wednesday 6:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 4:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Thursday 9:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 7:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Friday 12:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 10:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Saturday 3:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 1:00 AM (+3 GMT)

Sunday 6:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 4:00 AM (+3 GMT)

PvP Skills & Transform

PvP Skills: When you reach a sufficient number of PvP, the system will automatically add PvP skills for you automatically

[​IMG] 500 – PvP Music – Regen you and your party members HP. Last 20 seconds.
[​IMG] 1000 – Battle/Magic force –  Increase the strength to a party member.
[​IMG] 2000 – PvP Firecracker – Removes paralyzation, silence, sleep, stun and disarm debuffs.
[​IMG] 3000 – boosts base HP by 15% and heals self and pets for 12%. Last for 10 minutes.
[​IMG] 4000 – PvP Skill Recharge – Recharges a party member’s MP by 1700.
[​IMG] 6000 – PvP Skill Focus – Increases you or a party member’s base crit and magic crit rate by 30% and gives 100% lose target resistance. Last 30 seconds.
[​IMG] 7000 – PvP Debuff – Increase Weight – Slows and reduces evasion on one target.
[​IMG] 8000 – PvP Debuff Death Whisper – Debuffs one target; Drastically reducing heal amount, damage absorption, and resuse delays.
[​IMG] 9500 – PvP Skill Might/Empower – Increase you or a party member’s P.ATK/M.ATK. Last 5 minutes.
[​IMG] 11000 – PvP Medusa – Petrifies a target.
[​IMG] 13500 – PvP Skill Berserker Spirit – Reduces P.DEF, M.DEF, and increase P.ATK, M.ATK, A.SPD, Casting SPD, and Run Speed. Last 30 seconds.
[​IMG] 17000 – PvP Resurrection – Bring a target back to life.
[​IMG] 21000 – PvP Skill Wind Walk – Boosts run speed. Last 30 seconds.
[​IMG] 25000 – PvP Return – Instantly return to the nearest town.
[​IMG] 30000 – PvP Rush/Blink – Instantly rushes to target.
[​IMG]40000 – PvP Skill Ancient Victories – Increase your P.atk, P.def, Crit Rate, Accuracy, P.Atk Spd/ casting Spd, Critical damage, M.atk , M.def, Max HP, Run Spd, resist debuff. Last 5 minutes.
[​IMG]50000 – PvP Skill Frintezza’s Psycho Symphony – Increase P. Atk Spd/ Casting Spd, Run Spd.
Last 45 sec.

Transformation: The higher your PvP, you can get skills transform into monsters in the world of Lineage II.

200 – Transformation Rabbit
300 – Transformation Onyx Beast
400 – Transformation Cutie Pig
700 – Transformation Doll Blader
1100 – Transformation Frog
1400 – Transformation Heretic
1800 – Scroll of Battlefield Transformation Pixy
2500 – Scroll of Transformation – Red
2700 – Transformation Buffalo
3200 – Transformation Vale Master
3700 – Trasnformation Yeti
4300 – Transformation Oel Mahum
4900 – Transformation Saber Tooth Tiger
5500 – Transformation Gatekeeper
6100 – Transformation Unicorn
7900 – Transformation Young Child
8800 – Transformation Pumpkin Ghost
9800 – Transformation Golem Guardian
10800 – Transformation Inferno Drake

Note: When you reach 1k4 PvP (s) you can transform into Heretic, this one has a revival skill, recommended to revive someone quickly.

Killing Sprees

You are rewarded temporary hero once you accumulate 30 kills without dying or logging out. You will get a message at 25 kill that you’re on a killing spree. But once you reach 30, it will announce to the server that So-And-So is on a killing spree! When on a killing spree you have access to all the Hero skills including the special custom ones Race restricted of course. There are 2 other announcements, Rampage at 60 kills, and Postal at 90. When you die while on a killing spree, it will announce the amount of kills you had, and who killed you and you will lose your hero, unless you were Postal, in which case you will still have hero for 1 more death, but your “spree” will be over.


PvP Color Name

It’s a mistake if this part is missing, this is indispensable for any l2 server, but in L2PrideVN you also get many other things besides increasing PvP points:
+ PvP Token: when killing someone you will have the opportunity to receive PvP Token, you can also increase the probability of getting Token by killing someone who has a higher level, items higher than you, the difference in PvP between you and the opponent.
+ Fame / EXP: You will receive Fame and EXP when killing 1 person. Use fame to exchange some useful items at GM Shop.
+ PvP Enchant item and skill: When killing someone, you will have a + 1 chance to add to the weapon, armor or jewelry you are wearing on you. For example, you are holding Vampire + 13, when eating PvP someone, there will be a chance this item will automatically upgrade to +14. In addition to items, you can also gain + 1 level enchant skills. According to my experience, usually some skills are in progress + 13 or less system is very good to choose to +.
+ PvP name / title color: the color of your character’s name and title will change depending on the PvP points you get. The higher the PvP score, the darker the nick color. Refer to the image below:


Server Info


 Exp/SP: x9300 / 3000
 Adena: x5500
 Drop: x1
 Raid Boss Drop: x1
 Spoil: Disabled
 Quest Drop: Disabled
 Quest Reward: Disabled
 Manor: Disabled
 Safe Enchant: Tier Depended
 Max Enchant: Tier Depended
 Enchant Chance: Tier Depended


 Maximum Clients per PC: 3
 Infinite duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.
 Buff slots: Mages: 25 / Daggers: 26 / Fighters: 28 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
 Skills are auto learn.
 Automatic loot for monsters and raids.
 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for free on Cubic.
 Sub-Class FREE (Doesn’t require Official Quest)
 Certification skills unique custom system ( Unique Certification System )


NPC Buffer with all the important buffs.
Mysterious Merchant up to Dread Items.
 Cubic GateKeeper with all the important zones.
Custom Class Path System.
Customized shift+click on Monsters revealing detailed stats and drops.

No need to register, at login will automatically create an account, change the password in the game.
New character created LVL 80. From LVL 40 to 85 very fast, 85 started to slow down, max LVL 95.
All classes are customized to PvP (like SWS, Dance, Prophet, Dwarf spoil, Dwarf Warsmith …)
Custom skills (Hero, PVP skills and Forgotten skills)
The number of Transformations Skills depends on the PvP, which means that the higher the PvP, the more transformation skills.
Nick color and title change depending on PvP index, based on this one can look at other players to assess PvP 1 Player’s level.
1 character can sub 15 classes.
NPC Buffer with all the skills buff, die without losing buff, buff once used for a lifetime.
Custom farming zones and mobs.
PVP Town for Dynasty items and below (Orc Village) is suitable for newbies to join sv that has blood PVP and Gludin Town is the main PvP of the Server, unlimited items.
Hunter Village: map for PvP with unlimited items and levels. In addition, this map has features such as the Orc Village map but the rate of PvP Token will be higher than all other maps.
Regular Events, 1 hour 1 time, including many special Events.

Wonderious Cubic

When creating the character, you will have set S and ring boss set, do not rush, all are low level items in this srv. Accompanied by a useful Wondrous Cubic (default F12), double clicking will bring up the window as shown below:

Stats: is the current parameter of your character, it shows all the details Crit dmg, crit rate, healing power, range v … v … Based on that we will select the appropriate item to achieve the index Desire for each class.
Teleport: This is too familiar to L2 people in particular and MMORPG in general.
Shop: Sell basic items with adena such as tattoos, potion, hairstyle, hair color, face, character decoration hats, EWS, EAS and so on.
Skill Enchant: Upgrade skill. Use the book Giant’s Codex / Giant’s Codex – Mastery to enchant.
Augment: Add an Option to a weapon or accessory.
Symbol: Free tattoo, no need to buy a tattoo jar, just select and fun.
Class: Upgrade 3rd class does not require a quest when you reach level 76.
Password: A tab for you to change your login password. The first time changing the password, it is required to create a secret code, which is easy to understand as a level 2 password. When changing a game login password, a secret code is required. Secret code can still be changed in Change Secret Code. If someone knows your login password without knowing the secret code, you can still get your acc back.
Donation Info: Teleport to NPC Donation to support the server.
: is the current parameter of your character, it shows all the details Crit dmg, crit rate, healing power, range v … v … Based on that we will select the appropriate item to achieve the index Desire for each class.

– Toggle skills such as Vicious Stance, Guard Stance, Shield Fortress … have been modified as a passive skill, do not need to be active.
– For Fighter classes you should get +5 STR +4 DEX -9 CON and Mage +4 WIT +5 INT -9 MEN classes, this makes your farm a little easier to breathe.
– SS / BSS you need to buy every 1 of them in Shops Mics and activate, just hit the monster and see custom effects.