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Achievement System

Achievement is a quest system and after completing it, you will receive tickets that can be used to exchange valuable items depending on the level of that quest.

Use ALT + B to open the community panel and select the Achievement tab

We have a lot of task tabs including:
1/ PVP: When pvp, you will get 1 point
2/ Farm: When you kill a monster, you will get 1 point
3/ Instances: When you kill the last boss and exit the instance from NPC Exit, you will get 1 point
4/ Bosses: When you kill Raid Bosses, you will get 1 point
5/ Events: When participating in Nexus Events and after the event ends, you will receive 1 point
6/ Level: When you reach the level from 85 to 95.
7/ Daily: Daily tasks

You can preview what the rewards are for doing the tasks you want by clicking the “Reward” button on each task to see

The rewards you receive are only tickets, then go to the NPC Achievement Manager at Gludin Village to exchange them for valuable items.

Note: All items exchanged from NPC Achievement Manager, all are non-tradable!!!!

Newbies Support

After creating a new character, please find NPC Elyza in Gludin village to exchange Newbie Travel Token.

You will be supported with Full Dynasty set including Weapon – Armor – Jewelry – Face/Hair Tier 1 and the items below.

Note: All items exchanged from NPC Elyza are items for new players. So it’s not exchangeable, 963. During your farming, if you want to use the 963 feature for items obtained from monsters or raidbosses, please keep all your items from Elyza into your warehouse and then try again 963 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Point System

Conditions to get points :

  • After you have rebirth the 2nd time.
  • You are level 92 or higher.
  • When your character levels up from 91 to 92 you will get 1 point. In total, you will receive 4 points if your character reaches level 95
  • You will still receive this point every next rebirth if you reach level 92 or higher
  • This point allows you to add any stat you want.
  • You can clear point if you like, the fee will be 5 Glit

Custom Zones

L2PrideVN has 3 main farming areas, each area will have a special attribute. Cave of Trials (COT) is aimed at new players, so we changed the COT and the entire Orc continent into a single area of S80. Many of these are solo mobs but have a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party. Ruins of Despair (ROD) is a solo area, while being able to hold there, many mobs are designed for solo. There is a feature implemented in ROD, so when a player attacks a mob that mob is considered “their” and no one can attack it unless the player is in a party or with the Clan. The Cemetery (CEM) is Party Farm. There are very few solo mobs, and many powerful mobs.

PvP Towns

Gludin is a region of no peace and many will consider the center of PvP. However, to limit pvp cheat points, we have an anti-cheat PvP system here. After killing player A, you must kill 3 other players or wait 5 minutes to get PvP from Player A again. Gludin will have a limited system between high PvP and low PvP people. For example, if you have 5000 PvP and kill someone, and that person has over 2500 PvP, you will receive a PvP point. But if your target is below 2500 PvP, you will not be rewarded with PvP Points, or Fame, but if that player is in a War Clan with your clan, then your clan will receive Fame points.

But sometimes new players enter Gludin and are immediately intimidated. This is why we have the orc village. Orc Village is similar to Gludin but it is the only area for Newbie S80, like the Cave of Trials. Orc Village does not allow you to party. You also cannot use Heal skills or buffs for other players there. In addition, when entering the Orc village, all players’ names, titles and clan logos are hidden, your name is replaced with “Disguised” and your gender will be displayed randomly to other players. 50/50 Male or Female.
Do you wonder why I have to use good item to explore orc village to earn PvP? To satisfy this need, Hunter Village will help you experience the best PvP solo. Similar to the Orc village but you will not be limited in terms of items, furthermore when PvP here, your PvP Token rate will be higher than the other maps.

Wedding System

Marriage between two characters together you will have many skills to support each other, the number increases with time.

[​IMG] Intimate Defens – Buff increase P.def and M.def.

[​IMG] Love & Range – Angry when your spouse is near death. Use when spouse is within 600 range and <25% HP.

[​IMG]  Nuptial Rush – Immediately rush to your spouse. Use when the distance between two people is 900 range.

[​IMG] Honeymoon – Regen HP for both of you. Use dc when 2 people stand side by side.

[​IMG] Rekindle – Quickly revive your spouse when dead.

– To teleport to where your spouse is, type .gotolove

Instance Dungeon

Kamaloka (Kama)

Condition: LVL 86+ and 50 PvP (s)
Kama can join every day. After 20h is reset time to new day.
Kama is designed so that newbies can quickly build and LVL, because the boss drops a lot of exp and gives a lot of items, looking at the drop list makes sure you crave saliva. To go kama you need a party which is usually 2 DD (s) and 1 BS. After fighting all 2 floors, you will be able to tele into the last room boss, in this room will randomly appear one of the 2 Boss Fighter and Mage with different drop lists, I personally prefer boss mage because playing fighter class kill children This is quite fast and drops BEWS, more delicious is the Epic weapon.

Dragon Valley Cave (DVC)

Conditions: LVL 87+ 100 PvP (s) and 300 Fame (s).
DVC can join after 3 days. Maximum time is 2 hours, need 1 PT 7 people with full tank, bs and dd. Map must be good 1 bit to hope to earn easily, encourage some Dagger, SWS classes for fast. Your party will start at the entrance of Antharas cave, fighting monsters in the middle of the road to creep deep inside until you meet two bosses, Rinma and Darion. Note that when fighting Rinma you should not AFK, it has the skill of messing the squad, forcing members of the team to fight each other. And Darion, focus on cleaning up the princess because he doesn’t respawn, then steam it. Items that drop well here include LEWS, LEAS, Divine Tomb of LV90 … can drop from monsters along the way, the boss also drops LEWS, LEAS, accompanied by Dread Weapon and Armor Legacy Dread.

RaidBoss Instance (Aden)

Conditions: LVL 88+, 800 PvP (s) and 500 Fame
Aden can join once a week. Time limit is 80 minutes. Need 1 PT 7, 8 people with full tank, bs and dd. Unlike DVC, he must kill mobs in the middle of the road to get to the boss, just run 1 circuit to kill the boss. Lilith and Brakki are the second best drop bosses in the class. Lilith at Giant’s Cave and Brakki in Ketra. Most people also raid Lilith, because it drops many valuable items such as Legacy Dread Armor / Dread wp / Legendary Accessory Deed / Dread Rune (this piece 78, 79 glits) and so on … and brakki the same but the Legendary Accessory Deedx2 drop rate is higher than Lilith.
-Aden will reset the time on Sunday at 14:00, no matter which day you go on the week, every Sunday comes to the new week.
-You can raid all Boss or APC, except for raidboss located in special area like Anais or GrandBoss like Queen Ant, Baium, ….

Items collected in DVC and Aden can only be traded in parties with each other, leaving the default instance untradable.

To check the instance time, type / instancezone

Community Board Features

Our Community Board will list the Top 25 PvP / PK / Fame, you can click on the player’s name and it will display information about the character you are interested in, such as equipment, level, class, and Enchant. It will not display Dyes, Elemental Attributes, or Augments.

Buffs/ Scheme Buffs

All the buffs you want are in our NPC Buffer, can be found in every town, NPC Buffer can Heal, save Buffs. But that doesn’t mean all the buffs can be found in this NPC, buffs like Victories of Paggrio, and combination buffs like Improved Combat can only be earned from the player and only for a short time. Mages and Dagger classes have 26 slot buffs and Fighter has 28 slots. You can gain 2 slot buffs through the use of forgotten books, which can be purchased at the Mysterious Merchant NPC.

Scheme Buffs


Enchant system at L2PrideVN is a unique system. But on L2PrideVN, almost every item and every Enchant landmark will have different rates. In addition to regular Enchant scroll, L2PrideVN has developed a number of special Enchant scroll:


In addition, when you put an item in the Enchant frame, you will see the detail of the item ratio, when the Enchant fails and how the item will max Enchant. Everything is in the system message.


Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories

The important point of L2PrideVN, it is about custom stats. From Set Ring Dynasty to Armor or Accessories, each item has its own option, mix and match them to create powerful combinations. All Set Armor have a custom enchant bonus when the Set Armor reaches a certain number of enchant. L2PrideVN will not apply SA to weapons. Some characteristics of the item’s options are as follows:

  • True Damage.
  • Increased Damage as target’s HP is lower.
  • When target’s HP is low increases movement speed.
  • Increases True Evasion when HP is low.
  • Titanium Weapon Active Skill: Sudden Flash, Increases Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Accuracy for a short duration.
  • Dread Armor Active Skill: Lex Talonis, Reflects 500% Physical damage and 100% Magical Damage.
  • Ignore Shield Defences.
  • 360 Degree Attack Radius.
  • -200 Damage from all incoming attacks.
  • Increased HP received from HP Drain Skills.
  • Damage increases as distance to target increases.
  • Uninteruptable Casting, while casting a skill P.Def is increased by 1000.
  • When Target is bleeding, each attack deals 50 extra True Damage.

In addition, there are many options that are only available at L2PrideVN.
Ordering grade of jewelry provided by L2PrideVN:

The lowest tier at L2PrideVN is Dynasty. Dynasty has 2 levels. Level 1 will be easy to farm, Level 1 can be upgraded to Level 2.