Achievement System

Achievement is a quest system and after completing it, you will receive tickets that can be used to exchange valuable items depending on the level of that quest.

Use ALT + B to open the community panel and select the Achievement tab

We have a lot of task tabs including:
1/ PVP: When pvp, you will get 1 point
2/ Farm: When you kill a monster, you will get 1 point
3/ Instances: When you kill the last boss and exit the instance from NPC Exit, you will get 1 point
4/ Bosses: When you kill Raid Bosses, you will get 1 point
5/ Events: When participating in Nexus Events and after the event ends, you will receive 1 point
6/ Level: When you reach the level from 85 to 95.
7/ Daily: Daily tasks

You can preview what the rewards are for doing the tasks you want by clicking the “Reward” button on each task to see

The rewards you receive are only tickets, then go to the NPC Achievement Manager at Gludin Village to exchange them for valuable items.

Note: All items exchanged from NPC Achievement Manager, all are non-tradable!!!!