Instance Dungeon

Kamaloka (Kama)

Condition: LVL 86+ and 50 PvP (s)
Kama can join every day. After 20h is reset time to new day.
Kama is designed so that newbies can quickly build and LVL, because the boss drops a lot of exp and gives a lot of items, looking at the drop list makes sure you crave saliva. To go kama you need a party which is usually 2 DD (s) and 1 BS. After fighting all 2 floors, you will be able to tele into the last room boss, in this room will randomly appear one of the 2 Boss Fighter and Mage with different drop lists, I personally prefer boss mage because playing fighter class kill children This is quite fast and drops BEWS, more delicious is the Epic weapon.

Dragon Valley Cave (DVC)

Conditions: LVL 87+ 100 PvP (s) and 300 Fame (s).
DVC can join after 3 days. Maximum time is 2 hours, need 1 PT 7 people with full tank, bs and dd. Map must be good 1 bit to hope to earn easily, encourage some Dagger, SWS classes for fast. Your party will start at the entrance of Antharas cave, fighting monsters in the middle of the road to creep deep inside until you meet two bosses, Rinma and Darion. Note that when fighting Rinma you should not AFK, it has the skill of messing the squad, forcing members of the team to fight each other. And Darion, focus on cleaning up the princess because he doesn’t respawn, then steam it. Items that drop well here include LEWS, LEAS, Divine Tomb of LV90 … can drop from monsters along the way, the boss also drops LEWS, LEAS, accompanied by Dread Weapon and Armor Legacy Dread.

RaidBoss Instance (Aden)

Conditions: LVL 88+, 800 PvP (s) and 500 Fame
Aden can join once a week. Time limit is 80 minutes. Need 1 PT 7, 8 people with full tank, bs and dd. Unlike DVC, he must kill mobs in the middle of the road to get to the boss, just run 1 circuit to kill the boss. Lilith and Brakki are the second best drop bosses in the class. Lilith at Giant’s Cave and Brakki in Ketra. Most people also raid Lilith, because it drops many valuable items such as Legacy Dread Armor / Dread wp / Legendary Accessory Deed / Dread Rune (this piece 78, 79 glits) and so on … and brakki the same but the Legendary Accessory Deedx2 drop rate is higher than Lilith.
-Aden will reset the time on Sunday at 14:00, no matter which day you go on the week, every Sunday comes to the new week.
-You can raid all Boss or APC, except for raidboss located in special area like Anais or GrandBoss like Queen Ant, Baium, ….

Items collected in DVC and Aden can only be traded in parties with each other, leaving the default instance untradable.

To check the instance time, type / instancezone