Custom Zones

L2PrideVN has 3 main farming areas, each area will have a special attribute. Cave of Trials (COT) is aimed at new players, so we changed the COT and the entire Orc continent into a single area of S80. Many of these are solo mobs but have a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party. Ruins of Despair (ROD) is a solo area, while being able to hold there, many mobs are designed for solo. There is a feature implemented in ROD, so when a player attacks a mob that mob is considered “their” and no one can attack it unless the player is in a party or with the Clan. The Cemetery (CEM) is Party Farm. There are very few solo mobs, and many powerful mobs.

PvP Towns

Gludin is a region of no peace and many will consider the center of PvP. However, to limit pvp cheat points, we have an anti-cheat PvP system here. After killing player A, you must kill 3 other players or wait 5 minutes to get PvP from Player A again. Gludin will have a limited system between high PvP and low PvP people. For example, if you have 5000 PvP and kill someone, and that person has over 2500 PvP, you will receive a PvP point. But if your target is below 2500 PvP, you will not be rewarded with PvP Points, or Fame, but if that player is in a War Clan with your clan, then your clan will receive Fame points.

But sometimes new players enter Gludin and are immediately intimidated. This is why we have the orc village. Orc Village is similar to Gludin but it is the only area for Newbie S80, like the Cave of Trials. Orc Village does not allow you to party. You also cannot use Heal skills or buffs for other players there. In addition, when entering the Orc village, all players’ names, titles and clan logos are hidden, your name is replaced with “Disguised” and your gender will be displayed randomly to other players. 50/50 Male or Female.
Do you wonder why I have to use good item to explore orc village to earn PvP? To satisfy this need, Hunter Village will help you experience the best PvP solo. Similar to the Orc village but you will not be limited in terms of items, furthermore when PvP here, your PvP Token rate will be higher than the other maps.