Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories

The important point of L2PrideVN, it is about custom stats. From Set Ring Dynasty to Armor or Accessories, each item has its own option, mix and match them to create powerful combinations. All Set Armor have a custom enchant bonus when the Set Armor reaches a certain number of enchant. L2PrideVN will not apply SA to weapons. Some characteristics of the item’s options are as follows:

  • True Damage.
  • Increased Damage as target’s HP is lower.
  • When target’s HP is low increases movement speed.
  • Increases True Evasion when HP is low.
  • Titanium Weapon Active Skill: Sudden Flash, Increases Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Accuracy for a short duration.
  • Dread Armor Active Skill: Lex Talonis, Reflects 500% Physical damage and 100% Magical Damage.
  • Ignore Shield Defences.
  • 360 Degree Attack Radius.
  • -200 Damage from all incoming attacks.
  • Increased HP received from HP Drain Skills.
  • Damage increases as distance to target increases.
  • Uninteruptable Casting, while casting a skill P.Def is increased by 1000.
  • When Target is bleeding, each attack deals 50 extra True Damage.

In addition, there are many options that are only available at L2PrideVN.
Ordering grade of jewelry provided by L2PrideVN:

The lowest tier at L2PrideVN is Dynasty. Dynasty has 2 levels. Level 1 will be easy to farm, Level 1 can be upgraded to Level 2.