Changelog 04/07/2020

1 / Allow receive Certification and learn subclass skills.
2 / Update the droplist for all raidboss from level 85 to 87.
3 / Update more droplist raidboss from level 91-95.
4 / Modify all SubClass skills. From now on, you can get Certification and learn skills from Subclass.
5/ Fix bug Cubic. (When the cubic disappears, it still causes damage to the opponent).
6/ Apply Anti-Protection to the entire Main Event from the Event Engine. In all events, players will not be able to see each other’s real nick and race.
7 / Developing more Event system for AFK status. After receiving the 3rd warning about afk during the event, you will be kicked out of the game or killed in the event.
8 / Apply Guard system. When using third-party software, you’ll be kicked.
9/ When you login 2 game windows. Only 1 character can move outside the village. If you try to move both characters, one of them will automatically teleport back to the village.
10/ Add TOP Ranking system. The system will update every week and there will be special rewards for the TOP. Ingame details – Ablt + B.
11/ Add the Achievement system. When you qualify, you will receive 1 random reward. Ingame details – Ablt + B.​